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Basic Pistol Handgun Training and Safety Class
 Lexington (Redbank), South Carolina

About this Event


Location: 526 A Kyzer Road, Lexington, SC 29073

Classes: Schedule as Needed

Lunch: 1 Hour

Class Fee: $65.00

Need a Handgun?

Handgun rental: $10.00 – you must purchase our Ammunition with the firearm rental on the day of the class.



This class is designed for the refresher’s, beginners or learn to shoot.  We teach this course on an as needed basis If the date and times we have scheduled does not work with your schedule Please call or text us for more information: 803.730.3212.


Fee must be paid 1 day before scheduled class.


*This registration is nonrefundable, if you are unable to make the scheduled class, please contact the instructor.


What you must bring with you for this class:


  • You will need to bring Safety glasses/reading glasses and hearing protection to shoot


  • Gun and holster

    • A strong side holster (directional draw). NO shoulder or cross draw holsters allowed for class! This is for safety reasons!

    • 50 rounds of the correct practice ammunition for your handgun.

    • A properly functioning handgun that will hold and shoot at least 5 rounds without reloading

  • Clothing

    • Pants with pockets, we recommend loose fitting to hold 50 rounds of ammunition while shooting.

    • Loose fitting garment to conceal your holstered handgun.

    • For women we recommend that you wear a fitted shirt to keep HOT brass from going down your shirt.

    • Close toe shoes.

    • A belt for your strong side holster.

    • Shooting range is outdoors, please dress for the weather, rain, or shine.



What we are providing you:

  • You will be inside an air conditioned / heated building for classroom instruction.



  • You will receive a basic understanding of gun handling and how a handgun operates, with strong focus on gun safety, and the actual firing of the handgun.


  • Once you have completed this class you will be able to take our Concealed Weapon Class.


Extra Information:


• You will be allowed to leave for lunch, you are approx. five minutes from Sonic, Hardees, Zaxby, Subway, Rushes and Burger King.


• We have sodas and bottled water for $1.00 if needed.

  • We look forward to meeting you and providing all that is needed to become a safe, prepared, and responsible soon to be Concealed Weapon Permit holder.

Register & Pay ONLINE

*Please read "About this Event"
before you register

Our next Basic Pistol Handgun Safety Class is
MAY 18, 2024

Classes are 9:30 AM- 2.30 PM


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